How do I start a planning application on the Planning Portal?

To start a planning application on the Planning Portal you first need to register with us by clicking ‘Sign-up’ at the top of the page and entering your details.

Once you have registered please log in to the site by clicking ‘Login’, also located at the top of the page, and enter your chosen user name and password.

To start your application, click the green ‘Start an online planning application’ button on the home page or choose ‘Planning’ from the navigation bar at the top of the page and select the Planning Applications box. Alternatively, you can start an online planning application by selecting one of the links below: Start an application for an authority in England Start an application for an authority in Wales Start an application for an authority in Wales (in Welsh).

Step 1: Name and location Please choose a reference for your application so you can identify it later. We suggest you choose the site address as your reference. This will help the local authority to quickly identify the application later. You will need to enter the site location details (either with postcode, grid reference or a map search) to identify the local planning authority (LPA) which will determine your application.

Step 2: Form chooser Once you have identified your local authority you can choose the type of application. You will be asked if you know the type of form you need. If you know then click ‘Yes’ and you will be able to make your selection from a drop-down menu and start your application. If you are not sure which form you should select ‘No, I need help choosing’. You will be given brief descriptions of the forms to help you choose the correct one. If you still aren’t sure of the form you need, please contact your local authority, which will be able to help. Your local authority’s contact details should appear to the right of the form chooser. If they aren’t there you can search for them. Click ‘continue with application’ once you have chosen your application form type. Please be aware that once you click ‘continue with application’ after choosing you will be unable to change the type of your application. If it is incorrect, you will have to start the process again.

Step 3: Application overview You have now reached your application overview page where you have access to all the parts of your application including: Forms Supporting documents Fee calculator Payment Application submission If you wish to return to your application at a later date, you will be able to access it from ‘My Applications’. We have written some general guidance notes for using our planning application service: Guidance Note for Online Applications in England Guidance Note of Online Applications in Wales Guidance Note of OnlineApplications in Wales (in Welsh).