How do I change the nominated PM under an NEC3 Framework?

A NEC3 framework has been placed whereby the CDP1 for Works Package sets out generically that the Project Manager will a particular individual. How do we change this generically across the framework?


You would need to check the wording of the framework conditions in question. NEC3 standard framework wording is silent on replacing individuals at a framework level, but entries included in the CDP1 for Package Orders “will apply to all work under the Framework Contract”.

The Employer may replace the PMs individually under each Package Order by notifying the change to the Contractor under Cl. 14.4, but this will be repetitive and time consuming. You would typically need a deed/agreement to amend the CDP1 entries held in the framework agreement; however from a practical perspective a simple letter (as per Cl. 14.2) from the Employer, should be sufficient, if its acknowledged by the Contractor.