How do I add some extra design works controls and conditions to TSC?

Looking at a TSC contract that we would like to include some minimal design works (concrete repairs/ painting, bracket strengthening etc.). Would introducing ECC clause 21, 22 and X15 as an AZ clause be sufficient? Obviously it would also be covered within the Service information. Your thoughts? Is this approach too onerous?


That would be exactly the approach I would take, obviously the wording of the clauses would need to be amended to work with the TSC.

You will also need to include the provisions for Professional Indemnity insurance into the insurance table. You should also include provisions for dealing with compensation events that involve design and add a section to the Contract Data for rates for design work. The provisiosn for Task Orders and the Price List may also need to be tweaked.

There will be a fair bit of detailed drafting to get it right, it’s not as simple as merely adding 21,22 and X15.