Construction Management with the NEC Contract

If a Client wishes to use a Construction Management procurement arrangement, can this be done under the NEC Suite and if so, what contracts should be used for the appointment of the Construction Manager and the Trade Contractors?

NEC Engineering and Construction Contract with main option F.

Subcontracts would presumably be let under an NEC Engineering and Construction Subcontract form, with whatever main option is appropriate.

Is Option F not for a Management Contracting approach as opposed to Construction Management?

Yes you are correct. Under NEC there is no direct form which is the equivalent to (say) the JCT Construction Management Contract(s). You would presumably need to appoint a construction manager under (say) an NEC Professional Services Contract to, undertake the construction manager services, with packages of work let under whatever form is appropriate for the particular work, possibly an ECC, ECSC or PSC. There is no co-ordinated suite of contracts as such with NEC, unlike the JCT with Construction Management Appointment, Construction Management Trade Contract and associated Sub-subcontract.