Client Design NEC3 Option A

We are currently working for client on an NEC 3 Option A contract. There was at tender stage a number of areas of the project without a finalised design. As a result there were various hold points noted on the drawings with investigation required to inform the design. Despite the client undertaking trial holes ahead of awarding the contract, at construction phase the same hold points remain. So design not finalised. Now in the construction phase, there is a requirement for an exchange of information between us and the client to detail the design. We have no contractor design element and therefore would think all design coordination should sit with the client. The design has taken a while to be defined, however the client is taking the view that most of this delay should sit with us. As they have a FT presence on site, should the design coordination not be their responsibility to ensure the timeous exchange of information to detail the design? If it was contractor design would fully expect this to sit with us

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