Can you advise of which duties under the CDM regs the principal contractor can delegate to their subcontractors and more importantly which duties they cannot delegate?

More and more projects have a PC who are almost non existent with regards to the running of a project as the expect their contractor to discharge their duties on their behalf, in particular the PC has no control over the programme with client, day to day management or coordination of site activities and a very limited health safety and environment engagement. As a client our failings on our project do jot sit with our appointed PC per say and each failing or update is frustrating.


I believe the answer here is that any duty or obligation can be delegated to or carried out by a subcontractor or other. However, the responsibility or liability for those duties cannot be passed in the same way. The PC retains all of the liabilities and obligations under the CDM Regs facing either the Employer or the HSE. The fact that he may have appointed someone else to carry those out and they may provide an indemnity to the PC for any breach is irrelevant as far as the Employer and HSE is concerned.