Adjustment of Target (total of the prices) after Adjudication NEC3 ECC Option C

What is the procedure to adjust the Target following an Adjudication decision? Contract is NEC3 ECC Option C.

You take the decision and then effect changes that are consequent on that decision to get whatever result follows.

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W2.3 (11) states ’ The Adjudicator’s decision is binding on the Parties … and is enforceable as a matter of contractual obligation … ’

You don’t say what the matter in dispute was, although I presume an adjustment to the ‘Target’ (Prices) implies a compensation event. The decision would effectively treat the matter in dispute as an implemented CE.

In practical terms I would adopt the previous notification and / or quotation references and amend the communications to accord with the adjudication decision. This effectively enforces the adjudication decision within the contract administration procedures.


Thanks I will go forward on that basis.