78 new webinars in 2021

We are always working hard to harness the collaborative spirit of our community and the latest technology to meet the needs of our users – and we are very excited to be launching our new webinar programme in January with lots of new free and premium courses, on subject like commercial awareness, contract entitlement, RICS APC Pathway, CESSM, NE4 ECC, NEC3 ECC, NEC4 TSC and NEC3 TSC. Sign up using the links provided as spaces will be limited.

All academy users with subscriptions will be able to access over 70 modules of live webinar learning – whilst new users can sign up from introductory segments of each programme with the option to sign up for a subscription to complete the whole programme.

With subscriptions from just £25 per month this is a great way to get on board with Built Intelligence and drive your personal and professional development, whilst taking advantage of our library of hundreds of premium training courses and other resources.

Sign up here: https://www.builtintelligence.com/blogs/home/webinar-schedule-for-january-2021