Zero value compensation events....?

If a Project Manager issues a change to the Work Information under clause 60.1(1) but the change does not have an effect upon Defined Cost, Completion or meeting a Key Date, is the change still to be listed as a compensation event under the contract?

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The devil would be in the detail but if the Contractor agrees there’s no impact then I would see no need to issue a CE with the PMI.

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Just to add to thataCE response.

61.1 does that state for Compensation events which arrise from the Project Manager giving an instruction that he notifies the Contractor of the compensation event at the time of giving the instruction, it also states that the Project Manager shall instruct for quotations. So yes, a Compensation Event should be raised and it will be for the Contractor to decide if is a zero value.

I do understand thataCE point however that if it’s clear it won’t cause an increase then why generate the admin but according to the contract a compensation event should be raised.

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Yes, it should be notified. You will only determine the impact once the impact programme and CE quotation have been submitted. An auditor would want to see the full project change register, this is a change even if it has zero time/cost impact.