Webinar - FastDraft Early Warning Masterclass

This topic is for all questions raised on our webinar “Fast Draft Early Warning Masterclass”.

Learn how to tackle common misconceptions for project teams when raising and responding to early warnings and showcasing our cloud-based contract management platform and its key functionality. Steven Evans and Chris Corr will be sharing their wealth of knowledge on NEC including a good dose of war stories from the good, bad, and ugly early warning!

The webinar will explore and discuss the key principles of the Early Warning process under the NEC Contracts.

After attending this webinar you will:-

  1. Know how the Early Warning process is intended to be operated
  2. Understand the key steps in the process and actions of each party
  3. Be better able to operate this procedure
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Your risk register example seems to allocate the risk (as owner) to the Contractor or Employer but does this displace the allocation of risk in clause 8?


No, the early warning process does not change any risk allocation elsewhere in contract.

The owner is likely to be the party who is most able to have an impact on mitigating the risk.

Why is there no facility in FD for the Contractor to reply to a PM’s Reply?

There is, PM can reply to the Contractor’s and the Contractor can reply to the PM’s.

I am unable to locate a facility where one party can reply to the other party’s reply?

Apologies, I mis-read your question. There is not provision for a reply to a reply. At that point, it probably should be discussed in the meeting.

Craig, we do allow notices to be linked to each other which is a new feature we are currently rolling out. We were keen to avoid the risk of having users give new notices or instructions through a comment or a reply to a reply, so instead require a new notice, instruction, submission, etc but the new notice can be linked if required. Its explained in more detail here:- New feature - Relating associated notices across workflows

This feature is now built and going through final testing.

This is intended it illustrate the action owner e.g. who the task is assigned to, but like you say it doesn’t allocate any contractual risk.

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As part of the our NEC4 tender submission, we are required to submit an Early Warning Register. On award of the contract should there be a Risk Reduction meeting at project kick off / official submission of the EWN?