Weather Event and works created by same

NEC4 Option B,
Contractor has notified a delay due to weather, which PM has accepted as the weather data supports that it was an event that happens less often then 1 in 10 years. I expected a quotation to allow for time only, however contractor has also included in the quotation for pumping out flooded excavations, dealing with sides of excavations collapsing and the like. Should the PM certify the amounts claimed above the time related prelim costs?

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In NEC4 the final phrase of 60.1(13) gives guidance.
Only the difference between the weather measurement and the weather which the weather data show occur on average less frequently than once in ten years is taken into account in assessing a compensation event.
Arguably then, by way of an example, if “normal” bad weather would have required a 4" pump, but the >10yr extreme weather that was encountered required a 6" pump, then the cost attributable to the CE is the difference in mobilising, fuelling, running and demobilising the 6" pump over the costs of a 4" pump.