Time bar/Change on drawings

If a change occurs on a drawing that is not picked up by the contractor due to procurement for that subcontractor occurring much later in the programme. When does the 8 week time bar begin? Is it when the order is placed and the contractor picks up the change on the drawing which is when they became ‘aware’ of the event or is it the issue date of the drawing?

May not the answer you were expecting. If the change is a changed drawing then it can only apply if it was an instruction under clause 14.3 to change to the Works Information/Scope which would be a compensation event under 60.1(1). In this case the 8 weeks rule does not apply, see clause 61.3

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I would agree with Dave, as this is a change to the Works Information, you can’t timebar the Contractor. The onus is on the Employer to ensure the Works Information is clear and detailed.