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Bridge Updates

In this Bridge Learn release (Feb 2023), the Mobile app has new learning cards and allows users to adjust text size. You can share a message with your users on the Learning Header. Journeys have the ability to be shared with subaccounts. You can enable the offline SCORM beta feature.

New Features
Custom Message on Learning Header

You can share a message with your users on the Learning Header across the My Learning, Learning Library, and Training Calendar pages.
Note: You can use either the Custom Title or Custom Messages at a given time. They cannot be used synchronously.

Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 10.51.47 AM

Journeys Subaccount Sharing

Journeys have the ability to be shared with subaccounts. Shared Journeys cannot be changed by authors in the subaccount. During the affiliation process, Journeys publishing is disabled. Publishing could not work for up to 10 minutes during the affiliation process for a large Journey.

  • The affiliation tab will be hidden if the Journey has unpublished changes or is empty.
  • Journeys will work the same as other items, meaning one created at the subaccount level cannot be shared with other subaccounts.
  • Journeys cannot contain content from subaccounts.
  • Sharing Journeys looks different than other learning items and is similar to enrolling users into a Journey.


Mobile App Updates
Adjust Text Size on Mobile

Learners can adjust text size in the mobile app on Courses, Checkpoints, and Live Trainings. Managers can zoom into Analytics.

New Learning Cards on Mobile
The mobile app has new learning cards with more information and the possibility to download course* from the card. You can also tell if the learning item is part of a Journey.
*Option to download course must be enabled by an account admin and only works on SCORM courses.

Beta Feature
Offline SCORM Open Beta

Account Admins can enable the offline capabilities for the SCORM courses in the mobile app. The ‘Available for mobile download’ option will appear for Admins on the course settings. By enabling that option, assignees can download the course to their devices.