Release Notes up to 2022-08-14 Contract Management (Sprint 44)

New + Improved

This release

New User Types ^^

We have introduced New User Types to facilitate a more granular approach to managing Admin permissions and, as part of this change, User Types will be listed alphabetically in both the Create and Update pages. See Understanding Roles and Permissions in FastDraft

Improved Notifications ^^

Previously, if a notification was going to generate a lot of emails the user would be obliged to wait until those had been sent (or if the user navigated away from the page too soon the emails might fail). This change means the user won’t have to wait so long after clicking Communicate and should reduce the instances of failed email notifications.

Improved Custom Fields ^^

Dropdown options in custom fields are now to be sorted alphabetically. Initially, dropdown options defined for custom fields would be presented in the order in which they were added. This change avoids having to delete and recreate drop down options in the event that a new value needs to be added to the dropdown list. This change affects custom fields only. Other dropdown lists can still be dragged and dropped into any order**.**


^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.

** Items marked with a double asterisk will provide improved scalability, performance and reliability for the platform and will be rolled out in the near future.