Release Notes up to 2021-10-22 Contract Management (Sprint 22/23)

New + Improved

Additional columns added to the Contract Users aggregate report ^^

To include: Added By, Date Added and Client Company Only available to System Admins.

Added Pingdom Performance / User monitoring **

Codes have now been added to all production instances of FastDraft to allow us and users to view the status of the platforms.

Pingdom reports can be accessed here: Pingdom Public Reports Overview

System Version Details

We have added an “About” menu item to the navigation panel that the user can click to view the current version of both the UI and API.


Maintenance tasks **

We have added a task scheduler to the platform to simplify and streamline how maintenance tasks are done.

Project code ^^

We have added an additional field to store a project code within the Project Create/Edit screen

New Submission Report ^^

We have split the Contractor Issue for Acceptance report into separate PM Submissions and Contractor Submissions Reports

Improved Draft Communication functionality

We have added the ability for users who don’t have the ability to communicate notifications to notify via e-mail another user who has communication permissions on the same workflow when a draft notice has created:



^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.

** Items marked with a double asterix will provide improved scalability, performance and reliability for the platform and will be rolled out in the near future.