Release Notes up to 2022-05-09 Contract Management (Sprint 36 and 37)

New + Improved

* New Financial threshold functionality ^^

It is now possible to optionally configure a financial threshold for a user (where a user threshold is not defined, limit checking will not apply), which will initially be applied on attempting to communicate any of the following:

  • Acceptance of a CE Quotation
  • Acceptance of a Claim
  • Acceptance of a Contractor’s Proposal (aka ‘Submission (with quote)’)
  • Project Manager’s Assessment
  • Task Order
  • Payment Certificate

Improved Functionality on Project Bank Accounts ^^

We have made an improvement regarding Project Bank Accounts. These can now be added to an individual contract.

Maintenance **

There has been a work in the background work, as we continually strive to improve performance.


^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.

** Items marked with a double asterix will provide improved scalability, performance and reliability for the platform and will be rolled out in the near future.

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