Release Notes up to 2023-12-10 Contract Management (Sprint 78)

These releases contain any new features, improvements and bug fixes worked on for this period.

New + Improved

* New support for deleting/replacing a contract level template

There is now an option to remove the last custom template therefore allowing an Admin user to discard/ignore any previously saved contract template and switch to creating a new custom level contract template copied from a current master. From the Contract Template page, you can now choose ‘Replace with Master’. That will overwrite any customisations you’ve previously applied and allow you to start customising again based on the latest master that you select. It includes a warning message.

replace template

* New Clone a contract

We have added new functionality so that users with specific permissions will be able to clone an existing contract from the Contracts Overview page. Some of the information will not be cloned e.g. Contract Number, Hub/Area/Other Tags and Price but we are copying Start Date and Completion date because these fields need a value, otherwise it will cause errors. However, we’ve implemented a pop-up prompt to remind people to change them. For further information please check our FastDraft manual in the next couple of weeks, for a new support article.

* New field - Replying party

One of the cornerstones of FastDraft’s embedded Power BI reporting is the ability to report on percentage of replies on time split by party. Previously it was possible to infer the responding party. However, it’s now possible to configure a different responding party per dropdown value and consequently its now imperative that each aggregate report that includes a ‘Reply Date’ column also includes a ‘Replying Party’ column.

Replying party is now an available column in all registers. It will be added to aggregated reports in the next sprint.

* New Lockdown on adding a user to Companies.

We have implemented a new feature, that has been sponsored by one of our customers to ensure that users are set up under the correct company. Specific admin users will be able to enforce that some company records are created for contractual purposes only and that all users are added to a single group company.

A Site Administrator can set a flag preventing anyone adding users to a Company. This is designed to prevent users being added to a JV Company. There is also an optional dropdown where an existing company name can be selected - which if specified is where the users will be created.

* New Company Number as an optional field available for each Company

Company Number can now be captured on the Create Company form so that the Admin user can ensure they have identified the correct legal entity. This will also assist in avoiding creation of duplicate companies. In the UK this field will most likely be the registered number at Companies House.

* New warning message

Validate API version vs UI version on UI load

We have introduced a warning message if upon loading FastDraft the API version vs UI version does not match the current Sprint version.

* New cosmetic change on registers

When customising any register, the column selector has been changed to a tick box (where you would previously drag them in and out you now tick or untick them).
column chooser new

Moving a column to a new position is still drag and drop.

* Improved user experience

Once a notification has been communicated – if “Send Reply” was selected whilst looking at the main notice tab, the warning would say ‘fields are invalid’. FastDraft will now bounce you straight to the reply tab so that the errors make sense.

* Improved Request For Quote workflow validation

We have ensured dates on replies to quotes are updated correctly on the relevant quote register and last Communicated Date is updated on the Contract Overview Page. We have also run a retro fitting fix for this workflow which had been missed.

* Improved PM and Supplier Defect Notification workflows

We have updated this workflow to allow permissions to be configured independently for update and close tabs on PM/Supervisor and Supplier notifications. For example, this allows the PM to delegate responsibility for updating the defects register whilst retaining the responsibility for closing defects.

* Improved Early Warning Notification workflows

We have updated this workflow to allow permissions to be configured independently for update and close tabs. For example, this allows the Supplier to update the action and owner but the PM retains the responsibility for updating the likelihood and severity and for closing the Early Warning.

* Improved Aggregate reports

In case a row(s) of data can’t be reported properly due to its corresponding workflow having been removed from the contract/master template, we have improved the error reporting to display an error on the affected row(s) instead of failing the whole report.

* Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been rectified:

  • Last login date not always set when logging in via SSO
  • Help text on OverdueExtensionsEnabled placeholder has been corrected


^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.

** Items marked with a double asterisk will provide improved scalability, performance and reliability for the platform.