Project Managers Assumptions (after quote has been submitted)

A compensation event has been notified by the project manager and has been priced and submitted by the contractor. Within the quote there is an assumption given by the contractor, which under the contract is not a project managers assumption and so wouldn’t stand if it was to change. I understand the contractor should price anything that is not clear and perhaps should have had a conversation with the project manager prior to submitting the CE to make them assumptions under 61.6 if agreed.

My question is, is there a way of introducing project managers assumptions after the quote has been submitted? The assumption the contractor has provided is reasonable and probably something which should have been considered and included as a project managers assumption. Can project managers assumptions be included if the quote recieved is assessed by the project manager prior to implementing?

It would have been better had the PM stated the assumption when instructing the quotation(s) however if the assumptions are as you say reasonable then I can’t see any real issue in the PM confirming (expressly) the PM assumptions when confirming its acceptance of the quote or making its own assessment.
The other way would be for the PM to give an instruction for a revised quotation under clause 62.3 and state the PM assumptions to be used in the revised quotation.


Spot on @dave_bates.