NEC3 ECC: PM assumption under 61.6 was wrong but they do not state a correction – what happens next?

If a Project Manager states an assumption to base a quotation upon, what happens if the assumptions prove to be worse? 61.6 goes on to say if any of them is found to be wrong, the Project Manager notifies a correction. The Contractor can claim for this as a compensation event under 60.1(17).

The question comes when the Project Manager does not notify the correction. They have been told it was worse, but they do not communicate that they agree it was worse. 60.1(17) comes into play when the PM has notified the correction, but what if they don’t? How else can the Contractor trigger this as a compensation event (i.e. under which clause)?

You are right, if a PM stated assumptions has been proven to be incorrect the PM is obliged to notify of a compensation event under 60.1(17).

If you have notified the PM under 61.3 that you believe a compensation event is expected to happen then the PM is obliged to notify you that either the matter is a compensation event or not.

If the PM has notified you that the matter, his assumption being wrong, is not a compensation event then you will need to consider how to progress the matter.