Programme Data Date, As-built, PMI

In NEC4 OptD, if there is no accepted programme yet since 3 months of contract commencement and the Contractor need to submit another programme of acceptance, should they:

  1. Move the data date to the current date or keep it on starting date.
  2. Include contract options exercised after the contract commencement.
  3. Include as-built data.
  4. Include PM instructions to date

Thank you.

I have assumed you have submit a clause 31 programme for acceptance and have not had it either accepted or not accepted. If this is the case then clause 31.1 allows the Contractor to remind the Project Manager, please see the clause for full details.

If you have not submitted a clause 31 programme then you need to do so. This will have no progress and should represent your initial intentions of how you were to carry out the initial works (containing all the information required by clause 31) ie no PMIs.

If you are referring to an updated/revised programme required under clause 32, then in answer to your questions.

  1. The programme should be progressed to the data date (the date against which you are reporting) and the remaining works shown (including the information required by clause 31 and 32).
  2. I’m not clear what is meant by this question, but see 4 below.
  3. Yes, the programme needs to show actual progress achieved to the data date.
  4. The programme needs to show how you intend to Provide the Works therefore any work that has been instructed (and is therefore part of the Scope) as of the data date needs to be included.