PM Assessment- Information to be provided

A contractor submits a CE. The PM does not accept the CE and issues a PM assessment. Does the PM have to provide information on rate build up, materials quotes, sub contractors quotes?

If a PM does not accept a submitted quotation and makes their own assessment, it is also assessed in accordance with sub-clauses 62 and 63. Sub-clause 62.2 requires details of the assessment to be provided (essentially evidence of compliance with sub-clause 63), along with alterations to the Accepted Programme.

The level of detail to be provided would depend upon a number of factors, although it would be reasonable to assume that where any part of the assessment is based on actual Defined Cost, this would be evidenced accordingly. Under a main option A or B it may be difficult for the PM to obtain this information, although I presume that they have used the previously submitted quotation to extract such rates from.

I am not sure how the PM can not accept the notification of a CE and then proceed to assess it him or herself as that implies acceptance.

IF the PM has instructed the CE, he or she can go straight to making their own assessment if there is no Accepted Programme, the Contractor has not submitted one for acceptance as required by the contract or the PM has not accepted for one of the reasons stated in clause 31.3.