Notification of Compensation Event

According to ECC Clause 61.4, the Project Manager has to decide whether the Prices and/or the Completion have been changed due to the notified event. However, if the current available information is not sufficient for the Project Manager to make decision, can the Project Manager request the Contractor to provide details for consideration? Thank you.

the short answer to this is yes.

WKYIP - please note that clause 61.4 does not expressly state that you can ask for more information but it does allow you to extend the period for the PM’s response. If it is not possible to determine whether the event passes the tests in 61.4 or not, I suggest that you discuss the matter with the Contractor, tell them that you do not have sufficient information to make the decision required and agree an extension to the period for the response that will encompass the time they need to prepare the information. Please note that the time for the PM’s response is one week any extension to it has to be agreed before the original period expires otherwise the PM is in breach.

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thank you for your reply

thank you for your response