New feature Released - Capturing WBS costs and reporting

As a user, I want to track the cost of change and payments against my companies Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) so that I can report and track these costs by WBS. Given that the some users wants to track the cost of change and payments against their WBS, when they certify payments, assessing CE and other notices which impact on costs they will be asked to assign the cost against their WBS. As a system admin I may wish to control whether we wish to use this feature so the admin panel will contain a toggle to allow the WBS features to be turned on/off and also populate the WBS codes.

Hi @chriscorr,
As far as I can see WBS records are necessary input records on Payments workflow, and quotes.
I don’t think it has any additional effect other than saving and displaying the records on the workflow,
Are you happy for us to implement this as is on the Old UI? or can we decide on if any updates or functionality changes are necessary?

Batu yes that sounds sensible. It will need to be optional for all enterprise clients so they can turn it on or off in admin panel. I may try and mock it up for input from @Steve.Webley

Some EA users don’t find it very intuitive on the old UI, if they haven’t completed the cost breakdown tab the system doesn’t notify or indicate it needs to be completed, before the notification can be communicated (the communicate button isn’t shown, this causes support tickets)

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One question about how activities are managed on EA version,
While creating a “Supplier Payment Applicacation”,
The CostBreakdown tab loads some Activity definitions from backend,
These options are displayed in Select Activity Dropdown
Do you know where these Activities are defined for the contract?
I couldn’t see a tab on Contract admin page where these can be defined.



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Hi @batuhan.balaban @emir.undeger,

That page makes a request to

Could you check in the UI where the “SaveActivitySchedule” method is called passing in the ActionType of “Activity”.


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Hi @adrian.von.plato,

Couldn’t see anywhere that calls “SaveActivitySchedule” with “Activity” action type in the old UI. So they may have been inserted manually.


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Can we also clarify on what level this feature needs to be configured?
Do we want to enable-disable this feature on contract level?
In that case we can choose to define a flag on contract template to turn it on or off.

If it needs to be decided on Company level Or Instance Level,
We can come up with a different approach

Batu i think that this feature will be toggled on/off at a instance level eg url. rather than on individual contracts. the WS tends to be set by client organisation, so i think its a feature we can hold back for enterprise customers that have their own instance.

No, unless it very easy to do. If this is difficult to do we could hold it back for enterprise customers

@batuhan.balaban and @emir.undeger Can we try and address this. Can we flag in the main form page that if they have completed the WBS that they can not submit the form eg a banner message

Yes. Lets replicate the existing functionality. the only point that Tom flagged above is the extra banner

Might be a stupid question but just out of curiosity, there is a delete button (so deletion event) in the payments -> cost breakdown -> register in the old UI. But can’t see any deletion event in the quotes. Is this the normal process or do we need to add a delete button to quotes as well to the new UI?

@adrian.von.plato this was discussed on sprint planning, can you look into this for Emir. Maybe check with EA and see if they were except this to work.

@loreta.adams we are just finalising the build of the WBS features in the new UI can you please read through this and check that you are happy with it.

Loreta can you also answer Emir’s question above.

@VFlintWilliams you welcome to contribute as well.

@Steve.Webley from memory you said you didn’t need this feature?

The ‘Activity’ will be defined by the latest version of the activity breakdown template we use when a supplier submits an Application for Payment. This will be updated on an intermittent basis (approx. 6+ months). VFW will forward latest version. LA to upload here for information.