New feature - Global search within contracts

New global search function to allow contract users the ability to perform a search for all notifications within a contract e.g. across multiple workflows. This search function allows users to search notice IDs and “Subject” titles of notices, from the top navigation panel without leaving the notice that they are on.

The search results will display on screen without taking the users away from the page that they are currently on. This will allow the user to use the search function to look up a reference number or title of another contract notice whilst drafting a new notice without having to leave the notice they is drafting.
This onscreen preview of search results provides:-

  1. A preview of the first five search results, which shows the notice ID, subject line and date of notice
  2. A hyperlink of the notices which takes the user away from their current page if clicked
  3. A “More…” button to a separate page list all search results for the search term

The preview feature works in a similar way to the search function in reachback (see screenshot below).

If the users clicks the more details they will be taken to a new search results page which will provide a tabular view of the results displayed by default in order of relevance. The users can toggle the search results in the tabular view by date order, alphabetically and by relevance. The page will shows a reminder of the top of the page that the page is displaying search results for a specific search term the users entered eg "Search for [search term] and the number of results. If there are more than 50 results it will only display the first 50 results and state the number of search results is 50+.

This search function supports searches via the API so that search can be triggered by another system or software via the API with a security token and display the search into another system like PowerBI.

This features must be backwards compatible to support future improvements such as search options to limit search results for notices in specific workflows, by date range, by party, by action owner and by status. This will allow users in the future users with lots of notifications on large projects to narrow their search results to a specific timeframe or workflow. This will also be necessary if we wish to allow users to search across entire portfolios or programmes of contracts in an aggregated manner.

@ian.brown and @Steve.Webley and @loreta.adams can you help contribute to this spec for a new global search function. Once it’s signed off @adrian.von.plato and @batuhan.balaban and the rest of the dev team will get started on this.

This would definitely be useful but it will really come into its own when used in conjunction with the tagging/related workflows feature. Searching by tag and/or by related reference will be crucial. There will be cases where the number of matches extends beyond 50 so there will need to be a way to navigate to additional results and preferably a way to export all matching results to a spreadsheet, including hyperlinks. There will potentially be multiple related notifications on the same day so, in order to be able to make any sense of things the results will need to include a timestamp as well as issued date so that related communications can be sorted by issue date and time. Users will definitely expect to be able to search by CEN and find all related Quotes as well as any notifications relating to the CEN or those quotes. For that reason i would be careful about allowing users to create relationships between CEN’s as this could get more complicated than it needs to be (based on the experience with our previous system).

hi @chriscorr @Steve.Webley @batuhan.balaban

can one (or more) of you please furnish me with some example search terms and the kind of results you would expect back on an example contract so i can prototype some solutions and get a better idea of which tables and fields need to be recognised by the search engine

Hi Mike Steve makes a good point that search tagging would be useful as well, although this feature isn’t yet built. You could start simple with a search term like “flooding” or “snow” with this dummy contract and see if you can find the different notices that include these references across different workflows. This same logic would be applied the tagging once its done. I can populate this contract with additional examples, if this works for you.