New feature - Common Data Environment Integration

An enterprise may wish to integration with the marketing leading Common Data Environment (CDE), such as Asite, ViewPoint, Aconex, etc, so that:-

  • the contract notices are automatically saved to a folder within the CDE when the notices has been communicated and
  • a user can select an existing documents from the CDE, subject to their permissions and links it to a contract notice, and
  • a system admin can choose whether the end users can still attach files as well as link to CDE documents, across each workflow. If the user is allowed to attach a file the new document will saved to a folder within the CDE and linked to the notice created in FastDraft.

The features will be managed via a system admin page, under system settings where a machine token is stored.

Quick update in this feature request from one of our client which has now been rolled out for enterprise clients. Initially we have rolled this out for Asite and currently working with other providers (notably ViewPoint) to expand this features. The features also now allows users to :-

  • Browser the file structure on their Asite instance,
  • Search with the Asite instance for a specific file name, and also
  • Transfer key meta data into FastDraft for reporting and auditability.

When the feature is activated all contract notices have a new attach documents button instead of the drag and drop function for file attachment.

You can then browse or search for the relevant file to include in your contract notices.

If you would like to see more integrations with other commons CDEs, suggestions welcome below.