New feature - Ability to flag a notification as requiring a response

Where a PM or supplier generates a communication that requires a follow up action (e.g. request to provide a copy invoice in support of a quotation) it would be helpful to allow the drafter/sender to record that the notification requires a response and to record this as an outstanding action on the recipient (on the sidebar, in the calendar and in RAG reports) with a response time based on the standard period for reply configured for that particular contract. Where the notification relates to another process form (e.g. a CEN or an EWN) all subsequently associated notifications issued in response should automatically retain the association unless the sender opts to specifically remove the association. The recipient should be able to clear the action by sending an associated notification or potentially by replying if that’s simpler to implement) or, as per existing EWN functionality, tick that a reply is not required (in case the sender flagged for follow-up but the recipient decides that no reply is required). Consideration would need to be given to how best to handle scenarios where the reply itself requires a reply. In that case, it would make most sense to generate each response as a separate notification which could be flagged as requiring a response (or not) as the case may be.

Some examples of how and when this capability would be utilised:

  1. PM instruction to submit a programme (or issue something for acceptance)
  2. PM notification requesting additional information relating to a quotation (unless we insist this is always handled as an instruction)
  3. PM notification requesting confirmation of action taken in relation to an Early Warning
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@Steve.Webley my understanding is that we reply and hardcoded into our platfrom. I think a more flexible way of tackling this would be to have a “tasks” workflow, which allows the users to log a task and assign it to a user with date and associated object (e.g. notice) and deadline. These tasks would be visible on the calendar and RAG reporting. This would provide a clear separation between contractual replies and adhoc tasks, or follow on issues, to raised below. Let me know yopur thoughts and i can scope out the task workflow.

@hellen.vandervee43 this is one of the current topics on workflows reminders that ties in with your requirement for task reminders.