NEC4 Short Form - Taking Occupation / Additional Works

We have a project that has additional works instructed by the Client which will extend the contract completion date.

There is no sectional completion within the contract but I want to give the contractor completion for the original works completed as it is an office refurbishment and will become occupied before the additional works are completed.

Under NEC4 Short Form can I issue an interim completion certificate for the first phase and then another for the second and for the final phase?

Also how should the contractor deal with the delay, should this be badged as part of a CE to be accepted?

Thanks in advance

Depends on the context of the additional works, but from what you’re saying it seems like it would be cleaner for both parties to wrap up the original contract and package the additional works into it’s own separate contract.

Hi Daryl, thanks for the response.

The works comprise refurbishment of an occupied office, including work to workshops / conversion to office space. The recommendation was for a separate contract in the end, but was interested in whether the short form allowed for any sectional completion unless amended, our view was it does not.

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As you’ve already figured out the Short Form wasn’t really suitable for anything other than short, minimal complexity and low risk works. It would be more hassle to amend to try and fit in sectional completion.