NEC3: What are Procurement Policy Notes (PPN)?

Is Procurement Policy Notes(PPN) an instruction or general guidance to Project Public clients?

The role of the Procurment Policy Notes is to provide information and guidance to authorities within the public sector, in relation to relevant procurement, contract and commercial matters.

The PPNs are targeted at public sector bodies who are required to operate in compliance with either of the following regulations;

Public Contracts Regulations 2015,
Utilities Contracts Regulations 2016,
Concession Contracts Regulations 2016,
Defence and Security Public Procurement Regulations 2011

The PPN’s serve several purposes including;

  • providing procedural guidance on what to do in a particular situation,
  • provide information on newly introducted legislation or regulations,
  • providing information on public policy

They can be targeted to a specific sector, such as central government, or they can apply generally to any applicable public sector body.