NEC3 SOCC - Is the cost of the time incurred in travelling to the Working Areas allowable

Is the cost of time incurred whilst travelling to the working areas an allowable cost under SOCC People 1.13 (a) and

in reference to Design 6.63

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Firstly, let me point out for others why you are probably asking this question. I assume it is because you under People 11, any wages, salaries and amounts paid … are “according to the time worked whilst they are within the Working Areas”.

So are they paid any wages, salaries and other amounts whilst outside and in the case of travel and your question to and from the Working Areas allowable. The first thing to note is that People 11 does not exclude it, it just specifically states what wages and salaries are quite definitely paid for.

So are ‘wages and salaries’ to quote 13(a) “Payments made in relation to people for (a) travel”. Well, if the people are correctly paid travel time as part of their employment contract, I would say quite definitively ‘Yes’.