NEC3 ECSC: Testing requirements

I’ve got a fairly simple contract in mind to install a dividing wall within an existing industrial unit.

I’m considering using an ECSC contract, but I’m a little concerned about the loss of:
Clauses 40.3 (Notification of Tests and Inspections and the provision of results;
Clause 40.5 Repeat of Tests upon finding a Defect:
Clause 40.5 Supervisor not causing unnecessary delay:
Clause 40.6 Project Manager (Opt A) assessing the amount due after a Defect is found.

The Notes for Guidance (ECSC) suggest that tests an inspections may still be anticipated under the Short Contract - so why the loss of these 4No. Clauses?

Do users typically write these back in to the Works Information?

Obviously I can just opt for an Option A (for example) but just trying to understand the thought process of the Short Contract with regards to Testing and Inspection.

Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

The problem they had when trying to create a short contract was making it shorter. I think most of the clauses in the ECC are good and useful so it is a struggle to simplify the contract without losing good discipline and good practice project management. As you rightly say - any elements you like from the ECC you can add them back into the Works Information. The more you add back in the more likely it is that you should go with ECC option A in the first place, but the short contract does have its place even if you want to add some bits back in. No hard and fast rules here.