NEC3 ECC: Should defects be included as additional activities in to a programme for acceptance?

As the project is coming closer to completion defects are being realised. At what point should this additional work appear on the programme? Also, would the additional activities be linked to the Planned Completion or a date determined after Planned Completion to rectify the work?

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A programme should reflect the work that you know you need to do. That will include change in logic, change in durations and also any additional activities that you need to do - which in this case would be defects to correct. The programme is meant to be a management tool to help you manage the works.

Whether it should affect planned Completion or be shown after Completion depends on the magnitude of the defect. Completion is when the Contractor has completed the Works the Works Information requires, AND is free of defects that would prevent the Employer from using the works. The project does not have to be defect free therefore to achieve “Completion”. The defects that would prevent completion being achieved should be shown before planned Completion (and if necessary push out planned Completion), where as “minor” defects could be shown after Completion (and the Contractor would no longer be liable for delay damages)