NEC3 ECC: option B legal liabilities and procedures for fire caused by Subcontractor

A fire by a subcontractor caused the project to delay the project of approx 4 weeks. I am QS to the Employer . Now Employer is asking me about the legal liabilities of the Contractor/Subcontractor and the contractual procedures . I looked through NEC3 option B but couldn’t find any substantial info. Is that I have overlooked something in the clauses . Please guide me.

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Very simply and assuming that the delay is your focus, the conseqeucne should be that planned Completion for the Contractor has moved 4 weeks but not as a result of a CE. Therefore, the delay will use up any float in the programme and may show the contractor finishing late. The position between Contractor and Subcontractor should not really be relevant to the Employer (unless there is some sort of colatteral agreement in place). The cause of the delay being a fire is irrelevant save that the event does not give rise to a CE.

There may be issues around insurance and damage caused by the fire, breaches of H&S etc. However, there are no details in your question beyond the delay.