NEC3 ECC: Cost of compiling a Compensation Event

Although not specific to NEC, but would it be safe to assume that the cost of a Quantity Surveyor’s time in preparing and costing a Compensation Event, or similar under other forms of Contract, can be claimed, unless the Contract specifically states otherwise?

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As you say you will have to look at the specific wording of your contract, but looking specifically at NEC3 contracts it is dealt with in the wording. Looking at the ECC contracts, the cost of preparing the quotation is expressly EXCLUDED within the definition of Defined Cost. It is therefore not something that can be claimed separately for and should be allowed for within the fee. Difficult to allow for when you do not know how much change there will be.

Options C onward however do not exclude the cost of preparing the quotation within the value of the compensation event so is something that you can include.