NEC3 ECC: CE has caused time delay and Completion Date is after 2 weeks planned holidays. Site is in a high risk area and client won't accept partial handover. Can I price the security risk within CE quite?

Completion date was before Christmas but a CE has extended project. I asked client if they would accept partial completion to mitigate the risk of site security in an area where vandalism and thief would be high. They won’t accept any handover until 100% complete. The CE is due to a statutory service provider who is unable to connect services. Client has organised this and outside our contract.

Any info appreciated

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Yes this can be included in the quote as it is a genuine risk/cost that will/could be incurred now as a result of this compensation event To limit the risk, the PM could give Project Manager assumptions on which to provide the quotation - e.g. provide a certain level of security. Anything outside of these parameters would then be a new compensation event. With out PM assumptions the Contractor has to price risk which has a significant chance of occurring and is their risk under the contract.