NEC3 ECC: Can PM instruct that all communications which the Contract requires be communicated separately as with notifications?

Clause 13.7 requires that notifications which the contract requires are communicated separately. The operative word being “notifications”.

Does this apply, or can I make it equally apply, to each instruction, certificate, submission, proposal, record, acceptance and reply which the contract requires?

E.g. the Contractor is required to submit, for acceptance, his Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan. He’s actually submitted it buried deep within a huge document called Project Management Plan.

Works Information could have made it clear that it had to be a separate submission. I have no idea why the Contractor would not want to submit those separately. You can instruct as the Project Manager that you require these separately and I would struggle to see how they could turn this into a compensation event. Just make it clear what you expect in order to review and accept these submissions - which in turn will surely help the Contractors programme?