NEC TSC: COVID Relief under NEC4

There seems to be a route for Contractors under NEC4 ECC via clause 60.1(19).
Under the Term Service Contract this clause is not included.

Could you please advise other options the Contractor may have to be compensated for the Effects of COVID 19 under TSC?

There is no obvious replacement for “Prevention” at 60.1.(19) but there are a few that might be applicable depending on the circumstances. Consider 60.1(5) if the Service Manager instructs a stop to work, this is more likely I suspect in a government based contract. 60.1(11) a change to the Affected Property could be relevant where it is no longer possible, as a matter of law, to carry out the work required applying the required social distancing. Possibly also 60.1(2) if access is not given, probably because it cannot be given. Here I think the argument would be that the right of access would have to be given legally and if it could not be within the confines of the current working guidelines then just stating the Service Provider can have access is probably inadequate. Which might be applicable with what degree of success is obviously however going to turn on the facts