NEC ECSC: Deletion of item from Price List

Our contract is Short Contract NEC3. There is a Price List containing quantities and rates for the Siteworks and Drainage Sections of the works only.

There are Z Clauses which deletes the Compensation Event Clause 60.1 (13) i.e. a difference between the final total quantity of work done and the quantity stated in the Price List can be altered as a CE.

With this Z Clause included in the contract, can the Client remeasure one particular item within the Siteworks section of the Price List because they know the quantity is high for that item?

Provided there is a quantity stated for the item then you will be paid for the quantity of work you do in relation to it based on the rate you tendered. Curious that they deleted the compensation event. The effect of this is that no matter how much or little of the item is required, you always get paid based on the rate, and only get the same time to complete the works that was allowed originally, i.e. no extension of time for changed quantities. Quite an onerous contract to sign up to really.