NEC ECSC: Clause 62.3 CE quote acceptance

NEC4 Engineering and Construction Short Contract

If the client does not reply to a Compensation Event quotation, under Cl.62.3 does this acceptance of the CE quote also constitute implementation of the CE?

The Short Contract does not contain the implementing compensation events Cl.66 as the other options do so it is unclear to me when a CE becomes part of the contract works under the Short Form.

NEC4 has introduced deemed acceptances into the short contracts that were missing in NEC3. You are also correct that the short contracts do not have a separate implementation section. So at the point they do not respond then it is deemed accepted. Clause 63.10 then confirms that if the Contractors quote is treated as accepted (i.e. deemed accepted) then the assessment of that quote is not revised except as stated in the contract i.e. implemented under ECC language.