NEC ECS: Option B - Does PWDD include value of unimplemented Compensation Events?

Am I correct in stating that the “estimated” cost of unimplemented compensation events should not be included in a Contractors’ assessment of the amount due to the subcontractor?

The PWDD under 11.2(28) is the quantity of work which the Subcontractor has completed for each item in the Bill of Quantities multiplied by the rate. Until a compensation event has been assessed and implemented there will be no new rates or prices, changed quantities or new items included in the Bill of Quantities.

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Yes that is correct.

The PWDD relates to work completed in the BoQ.

A compensation event assesses changes to the Prices (63.1)

Assessments for changed Prices are in the form of changes to the BoQ (63.13)

The changes to the Prices (BoQ) are included in the notification implementing a CE (65.4)