NEC ECC: What happens if Project Manager is beyond time to assess a quotation?

What happens if a Project Manager does not respond to a quotation after two weeks of it being submitted. The Contractor does NOT notify that they have not responded. Six weeks later the Project Manager comes up with their own assessment. Can they do that if they are outside of their timescales? I assume so otherwise it is just open ended and would HAVE to be assessed at some point - still better to do it then even if late than waiting for the end of the project.

The wider question is if either party is outside of their timescales and the other party has not triggered the contractual remedy, can they still assess accordingly?

The PM is right to still make an assessment, even though it’s late, however the Contractor is entitled to notify a CE as clause 60.1(6) the PM has not replied to a communication within the period required by the contract.

This said, the PM might decide not to accept the CE as clause 61.4 the event has no effect on Defined Cost, Completion or a Key Date, i.e. the Contractor would have to justify how the PM’s failure to assess the CE led to additional cost and / or time.