NEC ECC: We have been asked to provide a CE quotation under the NEC 3 but will take 1 day of site measure to cost accurately. How best am I to recover this cost?

I propose to show the costs of undertaking a survey as a firm cost and make an assumption on the areas we are required to make good damage by others. The actual measure/cost could be adjusted in a further CE or is it better to issue two CE’s, 1) showing survey costs and 2) showing estimated costs for works

Your quotation needs to include what the compensation event notification included. It sounds like it’s a quotation for additional work which was instructed i.e. a change to the Works Information / Scope therefore you need to price what the PM instructed. If the extent of the work isn’t clear you either need a further instruction to clarify this, a PM’s assumption under clause 61.6m, or you include forecast Defined Cost in your quotation.

If your ECC is NEC3 Option A or B you can’t recover the cost of preparing the quotation, however if it is NEC3 Option C to F or any NEC4 main Option then you can.

Hi Neil. I thought sure that I commented yesterday but cannot see it. Thank you for your answer on this.