NEC ECC: SSCC Amounts for Equipment (hrs)

We have a scheme where restricted hrs 09:30 to 15:30 are enforced due to traffic sensitivity.
In assessing compensation events should the contractor be entitled to the full 9hr day for equipment of just the working window?

SSCC states

"Amounts for equipment which is in the published list stated in the Contact Data. These amounts are calculated by applying the percentage adjustment for the listed equipment stated in the Contract Data to the rates in the published list and by multiplying the resulting rate by the TIME FOR WHICH THE EQUIPMENT IS REQUIRED.

We interpret the time required as purely the operational time, what is your take on this?

Item 23 in SSCC states the time required is consistent with the published list, therefore check the published list that applies to your contract and you should find some guidance as to what unit of time should be used and how it should be calculated usually with rules surrounding productive time and non productive time.