NEC ECC: Is the Contractor obliged to notify sub-subcontractors to the Project Manager for acceptance?

Contractor has to issue subcontractor for acceptance under an ECC contract and Project Manager accepts. Few weeks later the accepted Subcontractor notified the Contractor under their ECS contract that they plan to subcontract an element of the works to a sub-subcontractor, which the Contractor accepts. Is there any contractual obligation on the Contractor to advise the Project Manager of that fact, let alone get them accepted?

I cant see in the contract where they have to do that, or do they simply fit the definition of a “Subcontractor” in which case they have to be issued for acceptance as well even though they are a sub-subcontractor? If this is a requirement and isn’t done, what contractual remedy is there against the Contractor??

No, not unless there is a Z clause that specifically requires this.

The unamended ECC defines a Subcontractor as someone who has a contract with the Contractor. A Subsubcontractor in an ECS does not have a contract with the Contractor in the ECC, the subsubcontract is between the Subcontractor and the Subsubcontractor.