NEC ECC: Does an implemented CE change Completion Date if CE does not impact contract works?

On an Option A contract the Contractor is approaching contract Completion Date and is in delay by 6 weeks (planned completion 6 weeks after contract Completion Date). The Client has identified some additional works they would like the contractor to undertake. These works are external works and are outside the existing site boundary and therefore would not impact on their existing contract works. The Contractor has quoted 6 weeks to complete the additional works. If the works are instructed and a CE implemented will it add 6 weeks to the existing Completion Date? If so, this would give the Contractor an additional 6 weeks to complete their delayed works and avoid damages. The Client will be taking the risk on the contractors existing delay and paying a premium for the external works (the 6 weeks additional costs without the LADs to offset). Which would not be good value for the Client and an alternative contract for the external works would be preferable.

Like any compensation event you assess the impact the CE has had upon planned Completion, and if it has moved it you get to move Completion Date by the same amount. If these additional works have not further moved planned Completion (which is already running late) then there is still NO entitlement to move Completion Date.