NEC ECC: Dealing with numerous low value CEs efficiently

What options exist for the Contractor and Project Manager to agree a large number of low-value CE’s simply in a ECC Option B Contract?

  1. PM states as a PM assumption when instructing a quotation for each and every one something like "Evaluate on the basis that there is no delay and disruption for this compensation event and, if there is, this is assessed together with delay and disruption from other similarly worded compensation events in the same month.
  2. Assess direct costs for each compensation event.
  3. At the end of the month, have a wrap up compensation event for delay and disruption in that month under clause 60.1(17) for changed assumptions.

What are records required to show a due process has been followed?

  1. PM includes statement in each instruction to submit a quotation for each individual compensation event.
  2. Normal justification for each compensation event.
  3. Narrative & basis for + calculations for end of month CE under 60.1(17)