NEC ECC: Concurrent activity delays on the critical path

What is the entitlement to time on concurrent CE’s which occur on the critical path and affect Completion?

For example say there is a delay to an activity which, when shown on the clause 60 programme (produced from the accepted 32 at the time), gives an extension of two weeks. And say that at the same time a separate activity is instructed which, when shown on the clause 60 against the same clause 32 as the previous delay, overtakes the critical path and results in a change to planned Completion again of two weeks.

The total effect on the Contractors planned Completion is two weeks but the entitlement to movement in the Completion date appears to be four weeks, two weeks for each CE. This is due to the Completion date on the accepted programme not being updated until submission of the next clause 32 and it would appear that the Contractor has benefited from the overlap in the events and gained two weeks terminal float.

You should assess the first event, and see what effect it has on planned Completion, and then plug in the second event to the programme that already contains the first event to see what EXTRA OVER effect the second event has. This way there can be no doubling up of entitlement.

NEC4 practice note 1 now makes this clearer both for NEC4 but also was same intent for NEC3. You can find the practice note in the “download” section of my website at