NEC ECC: Capturing Minor Delays under Option C

I am currently working for the contractor on a project that is frequently being delayed by minor access delays. We are currently capturing all minor delays on a delays register and submitting it to the client through a GC on a bi-weekly basis. Under NEC, what is the correct process or capturing every minor delay, some being as small as 1/2 an hour.

The only way to get recovery for any event would be to notify each minor access delay you notify as a compensation event so that it can then be assessed on its own merit. If there was only a few of these you would probably not even bother notifying/claiming as it is more hassle than its worth. However obviously several of these would be ones you can not afford to keep ignoring. These are unlikely individually to be critical (if only 30 minutes) so you are probably not looking at time affect but just cost.

Don’t forget that at least once every four weeks/month you will be submitting a revised programme. At this point each period you will see the cumulative effect of progress, change in logic, delays etc upon the planned Completion. If planned Completion has moved (and a delay would be practically measured in whole days not hours) and you believe it is down to one or a number of these numerous access delays, then this delay also has to be priced demonstrated within one or a number of these individual compensation event quotations.

There is no such thing as a general disruption claim or prolongation claim under NEC contracts. You firstly have to prove that an event is a compensation event, and then demonstrate the effect of that event on the planned Completion milestone to be able to claim time cost and to get Completion Date moved as well.