NEC ECC: Aged CE never agreed but paid

I have inherited a Contract where there are 30 plus CE’s that have been quoted and paid but never formally agreed. The quotations were never responded to but the Subcontractor never issued a 62.6 notice to say that they have not received any response. I am now being told that some of these quotes had been assessed incorrectly and the actual figure is lower than quoted. Can these quotes be revisited as they are technically still open? Not a the spirit of things I agree but thought was worth a question.

Right on both counts - nothing to stop you doing it but certainly not in the spirit of the contract. Important for both Parties to follow the process through and make sure they are closed off and “implemented”.

One point of note - not that you said this, but the fact they were known to have cost less due to risk not occurring doesn’t mean they were wrongly assessed. They are allowed to include risk that has a significant chance of occurring.

Glenn, thanks for the informed response as per usual. It is not my way of working to ‘go back on my word’. I am aware that they valued it at the time of the instruction to do the work, they included for items that were not required and incorrectly included. Thanks though.