NEC 3 Short - contractor design

We are delivering a project under Nec3 Short contract. The works information says…contractor design railing, the specification under railings says, contractor to design the railings (in accordance with a number of BS) and submit any proposed fixings, the drawings says railings to be designed in accordance with the specification. The price list however says “contractor design railings and foundation”

Where do we as contractor stand here? If the foundation design is not mentioned in the spec,drawings or works info, but it is only mentioned in the price list, given no Site information was provided, where are we contractually here. Must we design this foundation, and what document takes precedence?

The Short form of contract does not have a clause on how you overcome discrepancies and an order of precedence clause. I suggest that you tell the PM that you have priced the scope of works and if they want you to design the foundations then that will be a Variation.