NEC 3 Option B Clause 61.3

I have notified the client under 61.3 of the compensation event. Within this I have clearly laid out cause of the CE and delay to programme. However I haven’t quoted the compensation “clause 60.1(1)” for this reason the client is rejecting the CEN. going forward I can quote this to avoid arguments but I don’t see where in CL 61.3 is states I must quote CE clause. Who is right ?

The NEC has a similar question which they have published on their website.

How much is enough? (

Whilst it makes perfect sense to quote the clause you are raising a CE for, it’s not a requirement which the contract demonstrates by not expressing the need of stating the CE no as per 61.1 but also, it’s not a reason to reject a notification of a compensation event

Your question back to your Client should be, what is the reason you are rejecting the Compensation Event? Unless your contract has been amended, your Client will struggle to explain their reasoning whilst referring to the contract.

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